Custom Covers

If you’re checking this out, you might be interested in creating your own custom cover for your planner! If you have a specific idea in mind you can tell me about it, or you can take a look at some examples to start from. Ideally, I would like for you to tell me a starting template and how you would like me to change it. You might do this as follows:

  • Make alterations between two premade covers (Ex: “I want the same template and fonts on #23 but with the background images and colors from #42” or “I want the template from #12 with a red background and black ribbon”)
  • Pick a template and pick backgrounds from my collection of digital papers. In your instructions, please give the title of the paper pack you like. You may designate the exact paper you like or just go with the general theme. You can also find your own papers on Etsy. You may purchase the files you find and send me the ones you want me to use.
  • Pick a template and request a theme such as “Wonder Woman” or “Baseball.” It will be helpful if you send me some images you like! If I do not have files that will work, I may search Etsy for backgrounds or images with appropriate licenses available. I will check with you before purchasing anything, but you will be responsible for additional cost.

When you place your order, you’ll be asked to give directions. Please do your best to be specific and clear! If you don’t have room, just email me. 🙂

  • Not Helpful: “Like #25 but green”
  • Helpful: “Like Premade #25, but change the bottom to solid green instead of stripes”
  • Helpful: “Template #1 with the teal owl print from the Owls paper set”

Please let me know if you have questions about this process!

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