Etsy Sticker Info

Thanks for dropping in! Below you’ll find information on how to print and cut your printable stickers from Sparkle Pop, as well as credits for images and fonts used in my printables!

Cutting Instructions

  • Print PDFs at full size on 8.5 x 11 inch sticker sheets; your printer should say something like “Print Actual Size.” Make sure you don’t do anything that scales it down, such as “fit to page.”
  • If you have a Silhouette, the cut files are included. Just load it up and cut!
  • If you have another cutting machine, you should be able to use your software to open the PDFs or PNGs. All of my stickers have a small offset built in, so they’re a little bigger than necessary. (About 0.04 inches on all sides) So if you use your software to trace and cut, just make sure to tweak your offset accordingly.
  • Using the offset will make sure you get a “full bleed,” meaning the ink goes over the cut lines, so you don’t get white space around your stickers even if your blade cuts a tiny bit off center. If you cut stickers by hand, just be aware that you’ll probably want to trim a little extra around the full boxes and the labels.

Printable Credits

I am a firm believer in giving credit to all the fabulous graphic artists out there! Below you will find credit for any art or fonts used in a specific pack. Please note if you don’t see a specific design here, it’s because that design has a separate document included with all the details. I have recently switched to this method of sharing credit, so I promise all artists have been credited accordingly. 🙂


January Mini HP Monthly – Sheep

April Mini HP Monthly – Elephant Paisley

May Mini HP Monthly – Cute Unicorn

May Mini HP Monthly – Hot Air Balloon

June Mini HP Monthly – Watermelon

June Mini HP Monthly – Giraffe

July Mini HP Monthly – Patriotic

July Mini HP Monthly – Raccoon

December Mini HP Monthly – Buffalo Plaid


Christmas Countdown