I love me some Disney, so here is a set of full box Disney quote stickers for your Happy planner.

Here’s just a couple tips and reminders:

  • These stickers are designed to cover the entire box in the MAMBI Happy Planner, so they are about 2.5 inches long when cut correctly.
  • I create all my stickers with a small offset (approx. 0.04 inches) so that I get ink all the way to the edge. Check out my Youtube tutorial on creating the offset on your Silhouette software. If you cut by hand, just make sure to trim a little extra off.
  • When you print, be sure that you tell your printer not to scale. Select “Print Actual Size,” or whichever option your printer gives that prints true to size. Do not “Fit to Page” or anything, as it may print the wrong size. The sheets have a scale on the bottom. 🙂

And one last thing! These stickers are for your personal use. You may not resell them or claim the design as your own, whether my original or with your own alterations. However, if you would like to share with friends, that’s awesome! Just make sure to leave the watermarks on the files, and please throw a link back to either my website or to my Etsy. Thank you!

Now what you were really waiting for…here’s the PDF, or you can click the image below!